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Freshman Class Trip -- Chicago
Uploaded: 03 June, 2019
Description: Some of our freshman students went to Chicago this past weekend for their class trip....
Chieftains of the Month
Uploaded: 07 December, 2016
Description: Chieftains are nominated anonymously from staff members for exemplary behavior.  The...
Special Olympics
Uploaded: 13 May, 2019
Description: We have many winners! This past week, our LCCE students participated in the Special...
AVID Trip to Macomb Community College -- 4/29/19
Uploaded: 13 May, 2019
Description: The AVID students went on a field trip to Macomb Community College main campus on April...
Science Olympiad
Uploaded: 21 March, 2019
Description: The Eppler Science Olympiad team participated in the Macomb Regional tournament this past...
NJHS -- March is Reading Month
Uploaded: 21 March, 2019
Description: To celebrate Reading Month, Eppler’s NJHS students went to Wiley Elementary and...
Ms. Ottaviano's Artists/Photographers of the Week
Uploaded: 15 October, 2018
Description: Each week Ms. Ottaviano showcases students' artwork and photographs.
Cupcake Wars
Uploaded: 18 December, 2018
Description: The 9th grade Life Skills classes organized their annual Cupcake Wars competition. Each...
Uploaded: 13 December, 2018
Description: The Toys for Tots collection was a big success! Thank you to everyone who participated....
Uploaded: 11 December, 2018
Description: Robotics team was AMAZING on Saturday and took a very impressive 14th place out of 35....
Gleaner Life Insurance Society Donation
Uploaded: 03 December, 2018
Description: Mr. Gonzalez is a member of the Orchard Arbor organization, which is part of the Gleaner...
Mr. Gonzalez's Race Car Project
Uploaded: 30 October, 2018
Description: Newton’s Law of Motion applies to the Co2 Car. Students designed and constructed...
9th Grade Field Trip to Oakland University -- 10/05/18
Uploaded: 08 October, 2018
Description: On Friday, October 5th, the 9th grade class visited Oakland University.
7th Grade Mixer -- 9/14/18
Uploaded: 25 September, 2018
Description: Our “7th Grade Mixer” was held on Friday, September 14th. The mixer began with...