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UCS Profile - Kendyll Paul, Eppler Junior High School
UCS Profile - Kendyll Paul, Eppler Junior High School
Posted on 09/14/2020
Kendyll working on her computerTell us a little bit about yourself? Grade? Interests? Elementary?
My name is Kendyll Paul and I am a Freshman at Eppler Junior High. I transferred here in seventh grade from Seneca Middle School in Chippewa Valley. I love everything to do with sports and competition, especially in volleyball and softball.
What are some ideas you may have on how to have a successful school year?
Some steps to having a successful school year include active participation in class, and making sure to be there for anyone who needs help or just someone to talk to. Also staying organized has helped me a lot when it comes to studying because it’s easy to access anything I might need.
What is something you learned about yourself during the school closure in the spring?

Over quarantine when school was cancelled, I definitely had to make an adjustment in how I managed my time to get things done. Being at home all day, every day was a big change. I had to balance my time between getting my schoolwork done and spending time with my family. I also learned better self-reliance because nobody was able to go out and be around people, so I would say having the time by myself was a positive thing in the long run.
How did your teachers work to stay connected to you?
At the end of the year last school year, everyone was new to the online schooling thing, so we had to get used to reaching out to our teachers for help alot.  My teachers were extremely helpful, and did a great job of organizing all of my assignments on Schoology.  All of our lessons were taught through videos. This year so far, has been a lot easier to learn because we have a specific schedule and meeting times for class, which helps you keep on track having a set-schedule to follow. 

What would you say to a fellow student who may be uncertain about the start of the new year?
I would tell a fellow student who is uncertain about the school year that everyone is new to being completely online, and all the changes that have come with it, so try not to stress yourself out too much because even the teachers are learning their way through this. Also, to talk to new people because everyone here is very friendly and don’t be afraid to ask questions, or ask for help.