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School Supply List
We are often asked by families which school supplies should be purchased before school starts.  UCS provides all necessary materials and supplies for curricular classes.  Parents who wish to supplement these materials and supplies may considering purchasing items such as those listed below.  Teachers will share their specific recommendations during the first week of school.  Some teachers have shared their recommendations here.
- one dozen #2 pencils
- blue or black ink pens
- several pocket folders
- several 1” or 1.5” 3-ring binders
- tabbed dividers for binders
- 1-2 composition notebooks (100 pages each)
- 1-2 spiral notebooks
- lined loose-leaf paper
- colored pencils, pens, or markers
- highlighters
- pouch for pens/pencils
- scotch tape
- glue sticks 
- scissors
- ruler
- protractor
- extra erasers
- sticky notes 
- scientific calculator (Casio recommended)
- one or more book covers
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