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Success in math is the goal at Eppler
Success in math is the goal at Eppler
Posted on 05/10/2022
Drawing and Goal Post pictureAccelerated Geometry students Abby Harris and Luann Oldfield put their knowledge of the trigonometry ratios of sine, cosine, and tangent, along with Angles of Elevation & Angles of Depression to work outside of the classroom! 

Using trigonometry and technology, students were able to find the heights of the goal post, the scoreboard, a light pole, and the backstop of the baseball diamond.  This would not have been possible with a traditional tape measure or yardstick.

This activity was inspired by one of the problems the students solved in class requiring them to find the height of a goal post.

To follow up on what they were learning, students went outside to Eppler’s football field to be able to find the actual measurement of their goalpost!  Using a clinometer app, students were able to measure the angle of elevation from their eye to the top of the goal post.  Then, using a measure app, students were able to find the distance from their feet to the goal post.  

Once they found their measurements, students created a triangle depicting the situation on paper.  Next, they used their knowledge of the trigonometric ratios to solve for the side of the triangle they couldn’t physically measure, the height of the goal post.  Since the angle of elevation was from their eye rather than the ground, they took this new measure they found and added the height from the ground to their eye to find the total height of the goal post.  The students repeated this process to find the height of the other three objects too! 

Students enjoyed the activity and commented that it was a great day in Geometry.